Müll macht Probleme

Problem Nr.1: Die Menge Wir werfen in Deutschland pro Jahr 30 Millionen Tonnen Abfälle auf den Müll. Wenn man damit einen Güterzug füllen würde, hätte er eine Länge von 12 500 km – das wäre eine Strecke von hier bis Zentralafrika. Wir ersticken im Müll: Die Mülldeponien sind voll; die Müllverbrennungsanlagen arbeiten 24 Stunden pro … Continue reading

A lil bit about Christmas

Hmm.. the flights are being cancelled because of the snowfall in St.Pete.. I love flying but hanging out at the airport is not my thing lol It’s time to get ready for celebrations and a lot of changes that upcoming year brings! =) Happy Christmas to the other countries, and we look forward to our … Continue reading

A bear attacked a passerby in the center of Syktyvkar

A bear attacked a passerby in the center of Syktyvkar.


Sept. 7th 2010. Seventy-two passengers settled into their seats as their Tu-154 jet lifted off the runway of the Sakha republic’s Polyarny Airport for a five-hour flight to Moscow. But 3 1/2 hours later, the plane suffered an electrical failure and made a remarkable emergency landing at an unmapped, abandoned military airfield in the Komi … Continue reading