New Year Wishes

Yay, New Year is coming. I know one secret to make your wishes come true. Write down your best three wishes on a small piece of paper, burn it, and put the ashes into your glass of champagne. Drink it off, and wait when your wishes come true during the new year =) I checked … Continue reading

A lil bit about Christmas

Hmm.. the flights are being cancelled because of the snowfall in St.Pete.. I love flying but hanging out at the airport is not my thing lol It’s time to get ready for celebrations and a lot of changes that upcoming year brings! =) Happy Christmas to the other countries, and we look forward to our … Continue reading

British VS American vocabulary

Cars and Driving: UK US aerial antenna (“aerial” used regionally in the past but has faded from use) bonnet hood boot trunk car park parking lot car silencer muffler cats eyes reflectors (embedded in road) central reservation median demister defroster defogger dipped lights low beams diversion detour drink-driving drunk driving driving licence driver’s license dual … Continue reading

What cats do when they’re bored

BERLIN — A cat home alone in Germany apparently turned on the vacuum cleaner, frightened itself half to death and wound up being attended to by emergency services. Police in the Bavarian city of Bayreuth said a neighbour heard the cat’s cries — not to mention a vacuum left running for hours — and feared … Continue reading

A bear attacked a passerby in the center of Syktyvkar

A bear attacked a passerby in the center of Syktyvkar.


Sept. 7th 2010. Seventy-two passengers settled into their seats as their Tu-154 jet lifted off the runway of the Sakha republic’s Polyarny Airport for a five-hour flight to Moscow. But 3 1/2 hours later, the plane suffered an electrical failure and made a remarkable emergency landing at an unmapped, abandoned military airfield in the Komi … Continue reading

Something I don’t know

Everybody tells me that It’s so hard to make it It’s so hard to break in There’s no way to fake it Everybody tells me that it’s wrong what i’m feeling I shouldn’t believe in The dreams that I’m dreaming I hear it every day I hear it all the time I’m never gonna amount … Continue reading

life expectancy test

One interesting thing – you check your life expectancy here. I’m supposed to live till 102 (!?)